Members Cars

Lifetime Club Members

Clinton BearteetTorino
Donnie & Kim Bearteet
Richard & Cynthia Coombs1966 Mustang 2+2
1994 Mustang Convertible

Bill Norman 1968 Mustang GT/CS
2000 Mustang GT

Bill Ochs & Toby Borton1966 Mustang Coupe
1990 Mustang GT Convertible
Ben & Michael Peters 1965 Light Blue Mustang Coupe
Dwain & Alice Cline 1966 Mustang Coupe
1970 Shelby

Tim & Janet Gwyn1966 Black Mustang 2+2

Pete & Nancy Freeman1993 GT 5.0 Bright Red Convertible GT
2010 Ebony GT Convertible
Scott & Jody Wickett67 Red Convertible
68 Blue Coupe
Albert Thomas
Ken Farthing
Tom & Dori Alpert1968 GT 390 Red Fastback
Dan Alpert1968 Sonic Blue Coupe
Bill Bailey1967 White & Green Coupe
Bryan & Donna Zimbelman2007 Vista Blue Coupe
2000 Mustang Saleen S281 SC #276
Monika Kirkland2003 Red Convertible
Paul Nee & Lynette Gallant-Nee1965 Titanium Grey Coupe
1965 Red 2+2
Sandra Smith2007 Fire Red Metallic Coupe
Jerry & Kathy Murphy1970 Grande Black Cherry Pearl Essence Coupe, 2009 Blue Coupe
Rick & Joanie Nordlund1987 White Smoke GT
Pam & Wayne Pistella2012 White Convertible, 2016 Metallic Guard Stage 3 Roush

Honorary Club Members

Jerry Korum -- Korum Automotive Group
David Zatz

Club Members

Larry & Patti Martin1965 Windveil Blue
2008 Windveil Blue
Lori Brees Eakland1997 Black Coupe
Mark & Linda Arsenault1967 Teal Metallic Coupe
2005 Silver Convertible
Bob & Dee Frender2015 Black Convertible
Lenville Sutherland1995 White GT
Larry & Charlene Rivera2005 Legend Lime Coupe
1988 White GT
Robert King & Clay Concannon1988 Maroon SSP
92White Coupe, 13 Silver Roush Stage 2
14 Red Coupe
85 Black Convertible
2009 Black Shelby GT500
>Missy Willert2007 Red Shelby GT500
Derrell & Shelly Williams1993 Teal Cobra
1993 Reef Blue LX
1992 Titanium LX
Jim McCulloch & Judy Martin1994 Yellow GT
2001 White GT Convertible
John & Cyndi Paulsen2008 GT 500 Blue/Black Convertible

Tom & Lori & Stephani Rochefort1966 Dark Green Coupe
2012 Orange Boss 302
2003 Red Coupe
2013 Grabber Blue Coupe
Elizabeth & Danny Cobb2006 Vista Blue
2003 Black Cobra
1965 Red GT
1967 Ford F100
Shannon Mazza2007 Blue/White Shelby GT500
Harley & Karen Edwards2008 black GT 500 convertible
Howard Junge2008 Black Bullitt
Greg & Karen Robbins2011 Red V6 Coupe
Terry & Deborah Howells1966 Red Convertible
Richard & Kristin Eberly2012 Kona Blue/White Boss 302 Coupe
Paul Youngedyk1984 Silver SVO
1971 Grabber Blue Mach I
1978 Blue/Gold Ghia
Byron Tudor2013 School Bus Yellow Boss 302 1967 Wimbledon White Coupe
Paul & Heidi Geise1956 Ford F100
2018 Kona Blue GT
Brian & Betty Purves2005 Silver Convertible
Burt Kreidler & Connie Hamann1994 "Cobra Clone" GT
2004 Dark Shadow Grey Mach 1 Coupe
David & Sue Velasco1995 Sapphire Blue GT Convertible, 2011 Kona Blue GT Convertible, 1986 F-150 4x4 King Cab
Jay Roney 06 Windveil Blue Convertible 4

Jay Roney 07 Grabber Orange 4
Jay Roney2007 Grabber Orange Coupe
Hank & Margie Deck2020 Iconic Silver Convertible
Aaryn Spear2020 GT350
Robert Brown2007 Red Ranger 2X, 2016 Black Coupe

Steve & Laurie Howe1967 Springtime Yellow Coupe, 2005 Torch Red GT Coupe
David CushionDavid Cushion1968 Sunlit Gold Coupe
2005 Sonic Blue GT Coupe
John Gruver1970 Red Mach 1
Lew and Louanna GaiserLewis and Louanna Gaiser1992 Bright Red Convertible
Tim and Nancy Cleary1965 Coupe
2015 Convertible
Carl Taylor2016 Blue Shelby GT 350
TJ Curtin-Karch2008 Vista Blue Coupe & 1988 Cabernet Red Hatchback
Fran & Zach Richardson1966 Vintage Burgundy Coupe
Leon & Tana Johnson2014 Ruby Red Convertible
Corey Bevus2017 Magnetic Metallic Coupe
Jack & Joi Curtis2006 GT Tungsten Grey Coupe
Thomas Schmitt & Roxy Wardell-Schmitt1017 Black S550
Jeffrey Murray2021 Black GT Coupe
Chris & Alejandra Yackel2015 Red with White Stripe GT Coupe
Nora & Mark Hennecken2004 Screaming Yellow Convertible
Annette Niehus2020 Velocity Blue Coupe
Jeff Parker & Amanda Cole-Parker2011 Shelby GT500 Black with red/silver
Mark Miranda2010 Black Convertible
Tony & Shawn Merwin2000 Green Coupe
Roberta Knapp2015 50 Year Anniversary GT Premium Convertible
Garret & Lorraine Glass2018 GT Coupe Magnetic
Keith & Beth Selthofer2021 Convertible
Chris & Connie Mares1992 White GT Convertible
Nicole Price"shopping"
Michael Kaydus, Jr1998 Cobra SVT Coupe Black
Joe & Teresa Clabots2006 Red Mustang
2020 Shelby GT500 Red
Sherrie Strom2022 GT Premium Rapid Red
Eugene & Delores Terry1964 1/2 Dark Blue Convertible

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