Members Cars

Lifetime Club Members

Clinton BearteetTorino
Donnie & Kim Bearteet
Richard & Cynthia Coombs1966 Mustang 2+2
1994 Mustang Convertible

Bill Norman 1968 Mustang GT/CS
2000 Mustang GT

Bill Ochs & Toby Borton1966 Mustang Coupe
1990 Mustang GT Convertible
Leon & Michael Peters 1965 Light Blue Mustang Coupe
Dwain & Alice Cline 1966 Mustang Coupe
1970 Shelby

Tim & Janet Gwyn1966 Black Mustang 2+2

Pete & Nancy Freeman1993 GT 5.0 Bright Red Convertible GT
2010 Ebony GT Convertible
Scott & Jody Wickett67 Red Convertible
68 Blue Coupe
Albert Thomas
Ken Farthing
Bob Batiuk1995 GT Red Convertible
1958 Red Country Squirewagon
Tom & Dori Alpert1968 GT 390 Red Fastback
Dan Alpert1968 Sonic Blue Coupe
Bill Bailey1967 Whit & Green Coupe
Bryan & Donna Zimbelman2007 Vista Blue Coupe
2000 Mustang Saleen S281 SC #276
Monika Kirkland2003 Red Convertible

Honorary Club Members

Jerry Korum -- Korum Automotive Group
David Zatz

Club Members

Larry & Patti Martin1965 Windville Blue
2008 Windville Blue
Pat Smith1971 White/Black Fastback 2007 Black/Silver Shelby

Rick Doody1968 Lt Blue Coupe, 1994 Cobra, 1997 Cobra
Chip McCullough1992 Cont GT
Paul Nee & Lynnette Gallant-Nee1965 Titanium Grey Coupe
1965 Red 2+2
2004 Grey Coupe
Sandra Smith2007 Fire Red Metallic Coupe
Lori Brees Eakland1997 Black Coupe
Jerry & Kathy Murphy1970 Black Cherry Pearl Essence Grandé Coupe
Mark & Linda Arsenault1967 Teal Metallic Coupe
2005 Silver Convertible
Richard & Joanie Nordlund1987 Smoke GT
Bob & Dee Frender2006 Fire Red convertible
1979 Indy 500 Pace Car
Renea Martin2006 Tungsten Grey Coupe
Lenville Sutherland1995 White GT
Wayne & Pam Pistella2012 White Convertible
2016 Guard Metallic Roush
Larry & Charlene Rivera2005 Legend Lime Coupe
1988 White GT
Steve and Dana KhambataSteve & Dana Khambata1970 Green Convertible
Charles Botsford1976 Blue Coupe
Robert King & Clay Concannon1988 Maroon SSP
Dennis & Missy (daughter) Willert2007 Red Shelby GT500
2009 Black Shelby GT500
Matt & Kassandra Sparkmon2000 Tropic Green Coupe
Max & Tina Fisher1995 Black Coupe
1998 Purple & White Convertible
Russ & Linda Yokes2005 Windveill Blue Saleen

Tom & Lori & Stephani Rochefort1966 Dark Green Coupe
2012 Orange Boss 302
2003 Red Coupe
2013 Grabber Blue Coupe
Randy Brown1965 Blue
2007 Blue

Carlos & Crystal Hernandez1965 Tropical Turquoise Coupe
2012 Orange Boss 302

Jim Cassidy1995 Purple Coupe
1999 Red Coupe
1995 Yellow Coupe
Elizabeth & Danny Cobb2006 Vista Blue
2003 Black Cobra
1965 Red GT
1967 Ford F100
Harley & Karen Edwards2008 black GT 500 convertible
Howard Junge2008 Black Bullitt
Greg & Karen Robbins2011 Red V6 Coupe
Terry & Deborah Howells1966 Red Convertible
Brian Simmons_3124Brian Simmons2013 Shelby GT500 Blue Coupe
Scott & Pam Leach1966 Red Convertible
Richard & Kristin Eberly2012 Kona Blue/White Boss 302 Coupe
Paul Youngedyk1984 Silver SVO
1971 Grabber Blue Mach I
1978 Blue/Gold Ghia

Mike & Lynda Rasmussen2004 Mystic Chrome Cobra
2014 Ruby Red Shelby Cobra
Byron Tudor2013 School Bus Yellow Boss 302 1967 Wimbledon White Coupe
Lee Windh1967 Cougar
2006 Mustang GT
Paul & Heidi Geise2007 Vista Blue GT
1956 Ford F100
Brian & Betty Purves2005 Silver Convertible
Burt Kreidler & Connie Hamann1994 "Cobra Clone" GT
2004 Dark Shadow Grey Mach 1 Coupe
David & Sue Velasco1995 Sapphire Blue GT Convertible
2011 Kona Blue GT Convertible
1986 F-150 4 x 4 King Cab
Suzy Britain2006 Red Coupe
Greg Zirkle2005 Red/White Roush
sam-vickey-carsSam & Vickey Olson1965 Black Coupe,
1966 Red Coupe, 2008 R427R Red Roush Coupe,
Daniel Watson2008 Green Bullitt
Jay Roney 06 Windveil Blue Convertible 4

Jay Roney 07 Grabber Orange 4
Jay Roney2007 Grabber Orange Coupe
Hank & Margie Deck2014 Race Red Coupe
Aaryn Spear2017 Ruby Red Coupe
Leland Schiro1997 Black Cobra SVT
David & Betty Ringlee1966 White Convertible
Butch Blodgett2016 Shadow Black GT Coupe
Jim Blodgett2002 Gray GT Convertible
JJ Blodgett2010 Performance White Roush Stage 1
Member Car Robert BrownRobert Brown2007 Red Ranger 2X, 2016 Black Coupe
Gary & Sandy Blackmore2011 Black California Special

Steve & Laurie Howe1967 Yellow Coupe, 2005 Red Coupe
Roger Britten2001 True Blue Coupe
Chuck and Patricia Vaden2016 Ruby Red GT
Ken and Cindy Baccetti2013 Black Coupe
David CushionDavid Cushion1968 Sunlit Gold Coupe
2005 Sonic Blue GT Coupe
John Gruver 1733John Gruver1970 Red Mach 1
2016101734James and Luann Hansen1965 Burgundy Convertible
2015 Sudden Impact Blue Coupe

Lew and Louanna GaiserLewis and Louanna Gaiser1992 Bright Red Convertible
Jerry and Heidi AlthauserJerry and Heidi Althauser2012 Red Candy Coupe, 2015 F-150, 1975 F-250
Chuck Myers and Kacey Sack-Wright2012 Kona Blue Coupe
Ross and Arlene Stuth2008 Red with Black Stripes Shelby GT500
Dan ChallenderDan Challender & Wayne Nicholson2005 Gray GT Coupe
Bill & Francis OstruskeBill & Francis Ostruske2001 Red Cobra Convertible
Kevin Pearce mKevin & Yumiyo Pearce1968 Green Coupe
Katie Padwick mKatie Padwick2016 Black GT
George F 75 Mustang II Ghia

George F 75 Mustang II 2+2
George Ftikas1975 Mustang II Ghia, 1975 Mustang II with Monroe Handler Package
Edward & Konnie Allen2014 Silver Coupe
Tom Weathers & Jacque VoteTom Weathers & Jacque Vote2017 Grabber Blue CS
2013 Grabber Blue BossEric & Fumiko Eckman2013 Grabber Blue Boss 302 Coupe
Harry & Charlotte McDonaldHarry & Charlotte McDonald2012 Silver Convertible
Dillan Sheppard2017 Grabber Blue GT Coupe
Maranatha & Lloyd Osborne2000 White Convertible
Devona Arnold1964 Prairie Bronze Convertible, 2015 Triple Yellow Coupe
Troy & Ginger Benedict2008 Black GT
Blair Hamrick & Leah Merritt1970 Red Boss 429
2013 Black GT 500
Sergio & Cheryl Hernandez1998 SVO/GT Black Convertible
John Harden1967 Triple Black Coupe
Bill & Suzanne & Samuel Morchin1965 Red Coupe; 1977 Tangerine Hatchback
Bill Fowler1979 Black Cobra
Peter & Angelina Christian2008 Torch Red Shelby GT500; 1992 Red Convertible
Rick & Corissa Anderson2018 Yellow GT Coupe
Josh Whitton1990 Red Ix 5.0
Nick, Amber and Tate Amantea1990 Maroon Coupe
Robert & Patricia Mower1967 Red/White Covertible
Elke Schwartz2007 Black Coupe
Bill & Ann Weippert1967 Purple Shelby, 2007 White/Blue Shelby, & 1993 Red Lightening
Don & Sarah Nelson2014 Silver Coupe
John & Cathy Rainier1996 Red Convertible

Allan & Courtney Lawson2015 Wimbledon White Coupe
2015 Black Coupe
Matt & Emma Dineen2002 White GT, 1965 Coupe
Scot, Dori and Jacob Savary2017 Charcoal convertible
2005 black convertible
1762 red coupe
1967 red coupe
Carl Taylor2009 Shelby GT500 black convertible
Jeff and Heidi McQuay2001 Black Bullitt
Jordyn Osborne
TJ Curtin-Karch2008 Vista Blue Coupe