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  1. Dr. Kevin A. White, DM says:

    Dear PCMC Leaders:

    Great Mustang Show! Got the chance to meet some great people; however, I was right there and missed the raffle and award show by over an hour; thus, I left. Therefore, I hope my $50 donation will go to uplift people in need. I have these recommendations:

    • Use the loud speaker and have someone walk or ride a bike around the parking lot to inform participants that raffle and awards events are about to begin.
    • Strive to put the ECO BOOST into its own category along with the new HYBRID AND ELECTRIC Mustangs. These cars are quite different than the standard muscle Mustangs and will be seen in abundance NLT 2028.
    • Strive to separate each of the CONVERTIBLES by engine type and at least six, 20-year groups starting back in 1964-2023. It would be nice just to see a convertible line of Mustangs.

    Thanks….see you at the next ROUND UP.

  2. stangclub says:

    Thanks Kevin,
    I have printed your comments and will see that they get to the committee and especially to the sub chairs of those issues.
    Nancy Freeman

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