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The following is a summary history of the Pierce County Mustang Club (PCMC), as compiled through newsletters and verbal accounts.

During the summer of 1991, Bill Ochs noticed while attending Mustang car shows that at almost every show he attended, there were people from the Tacoma/Pierce County area at these shows also. In talking with these people at the shows it was suggested that they start up their own Mustang club. In August 1991, a group of five people got together and decided to form the Pierce County Mustang Club. Island Classic Mustang Club and Mustangs West provided a copy of their clubs’ bylaws, and between the two a framework was set up for the Pierce County Mustang Club’s bylaws. In February 1992 the PCMC’s bylaws and membership forms were approved and club meetings were scheduled for the 3rd Tuesday of each month at Pietro’s Pizza in Lakewood.

Club Milestones:

March 1992 – The first official meeting of the Pierce County Mustang Club is held. Election of the club’s first officers took place. Three Directors and a Treasurer were elected, a position for a club Secretary was called for. Club membership at 32.

April 5, 1992 – First PCMC Show held on Sunday April 5th at Spanaway Lake Park. No awards were given out, just a friendly get-together for people interested in Mustangs, Fords, or specialty cars.

April 1992 – First PCMC sponsors included: The Mustang Ranch, Dudley’s Tire, Snap-On Tools, Foss Car Audio, and Firestone Tires (Puyallup).

June 1992 – First Secretary appointed to the club. PCMC applies to the Mustang Club of America (MCA) for chartership as an MCA Regional Club, which is granted.

June 12, 1992 – Club members attend the Lakefair Classic Car Show. First show attended as the Pierce County Mustang Club.

September 20, 1992 – First annual PCMC Poker Rally/Picnic.

August 15, 1993 – PCMC holds its 1st annual Show-n-Shine at the Lakewood Mall.

October 17, 1993 – PCMC member invited by Ford Motor Company to preview the new 1994 Mustang before it’s public release.

April 1994 – Don Bearteet drove 3,860 miles in his 1964 ½ convertible to the Mustang’s 30th Anniversary Show in Charlotte, N.C.

July 1994 – PCMC wins first Club Participation Award at Celebration ’94, at Bellevue, WA. Membership tops 150, with over 90 active members.

November 1994 – Having met for monthly meetings at Round Table Pizza for the last year, meetings are now moved to Happy Days Diner in Lakewood.

December 1994 – January 1995 – Changes to the club’s bylaws were approved to change the leadership from 3 Board Directors, a Secretary, and a Treasurer, to a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and 5 Board Members.

March 1995 – First President (Kris Weiland) and Vice-President (Jack Davis) elected to their positions.

May 1996 – PCMC enters the Internet world as Bill Norman sets up the club’s first web site (http://www.mashell.com/wnorman/pcmcweb.html). Monthly meeting site moved to the Hangar Inn at the Pierce County Airport (Thun Field).

Spring 1997 – Pierce County Mustang Club was to host a MCA National Show, but due to club logistical problems Mustangs West was chosen to host the first Pacific Northwest National Show.

September 1997 – PCMC donates $500 to the Mustang Museum, becoming a “Cobra” participant in the Founding Club Sponsors (#079).

April 1998 – PCMC celebrates the Mustang’s 35th Anniversary with a show at Fugate Ford in Enumclaw, WA.

June 11, 2000 – After 7 years of having the PCMC annual Show-n-Shine at the Lakewood Mall, the show was moved to the South Hill Mall in Puyallup, WA, and is called the “Gallup to Puyallup”.

July 2000 – PCMC opens a new web site (www.pierce-county-mustang-club.org).

January 2001 – After 4 ½ years of having club meetings at Thun Field, the meeting place is moved to Denney’s in Puyallup, WA.

June 2001 – After 1 year of having the PCMC annual Show-n-Shine at the South Hill Mall, the show was moved to the Tacoma Mall in Tacoma, WA. This year, the Show-n-Shine was expanded to two days, with the first day still the traditional Mustang/Ford show and the second day an all makes Hot Rod Show.

April 2002 – PCMC web site moves to www.piercecountymustangclub.com.

January 2003 – After 2 years of having club meetings at Denney’s, the meeting place is moved to Korum Ford in Puyallup WA.

June 2003– After 2 years of having the PCMC annual Show-n-Shine at the Tacoma Mall, the show was moved to Korum Ford in Puyallup, WA. After two years of having a two day car show, the club decided to drop the second Hot Rod Show day and return to a one day Mustang/Ford car show.

Spring 2004 – The club designs a new logo for jackets and vest.

August 2004 – The club moved the annual show back to the South Hill Mall and to the month of August.

February 2012 – At the February general meeting the members present celebrated the 20 year anniversary of the Pierce County Mustang Club.

Spring 2012 – PCMC update the website to include cruises and events.

Summer 2013 – The club walks for Relay for Life.

October 2013 – Founding Member, Bill Ochs passes away.

April 2014 – Some of the club members drive to Las Vegas, NV and Charlotte, NC to celebrate “50 Years of The Mustang”.

August 2014 – The club moved the annual car show to Griot’s Garage in Tacoma.

January 2015 – PCMC introduces PayPay for members to pay their yearly dues.

Spring 2015 – The club enjoys a Rainier’s Baseball game and collect 105 jars of peanut butter for Korum and Ford Peanut Butter Drive.

April 2016 – The club celebrates the First “National Mustang Day” with a cruise of 44 Mustangs from Tacoma to West Seattle.

Spring 2016 – The club adopts a new logo.

February 2017 – Pierce County Mustang Club celebrated 25 years as a Mustang Club.

Earning the Mustang Club of America President’s Award, based on our activities and community involvement, is an annual goal of the club and we are proud to boast of our success many times over.

The club continues to actively plan and invite all Mustang owners to join in our monthly cruises, special events and gatherings as well as hosting its annual Mustang Club of American Regional show and shine.  These activities are often coordinated around the needs of others by collecting food, housekeeping items, winter clothing, school backpacks and supplies, toys and teddy bears, as well as spending time repacking bulk food into family sized quantities. PCMC has volunteered with Sweet Willie’s Family Support, Puyallup Food Bank, Helping Hand House, Santa’s Castle at JBLM, Emergency Food Network, St. Francis House, Caring for Kids, The Tears Foundation, and Make A Wish Foundation.  Additionally the club annually makes financial donations to these and other local charities.

Pierce County Mustang Club is a regional
chapter of the Mustang Club of America. Our
representative is involved with MCA on a
national level to keep PCMC members abreast
of national shows and other important issues of
concern to the Mustang community. Membership
in MCA is strongly encouraged for all
members of PCMC but is not required.

Our monthly cruises, special events and gatherings
as well as our annual show are coordinated
around the needs of others by collecting
housekeeping items, winter clothing, backpacks
filled with school supplies, food products
& toys. Each year the club also makes annual
financial donations to local charities.
PCMC charities provide services to residents
of Pierce County and have included Puyallup
Food Bank, Santa’s Castle at JBLM, Caring
for Kids, St. Francis House, and Emergency
Food Network.

In the spirit of fun, community, and education,
we are a social group promoting a
stronger fellowship through cruises, shows
and charity involvement for our members and
local communities. We support the preservation
and maintenance of all Mustang and Ford
Motor products.

PCMC hosts many family friendly activities
throughout the year including themed cruises,
picnics, a celebration of National Mustang
Day, scavenger hunts, overnight trips, and a
holiday gathering. We participate in various
parades, including driving all four cities of the
Daffodil Parade.

Along with sponsoring our own annual
Mustang & All Fords Roundup, members regularly
attend various northwest area shows, as
well as shows across the USA and Canada.
What a great way to meet new friends and be a
part of the Mustang history.

Since 1992, Pierce County Mustang Club
members have been having lots of fun, the
enjoyment of others and their iconic
American Pony Car….
The Ford Mustang

Past Leaders of the Pierce County Mustang Club:

1992-1994  Don Bearteet, Richard Coombs, Bill Ochs
1994-1996  Jack Davis, Ken Farthing, Bill Ochs
1996 — Kris Weiland
1997 (3 months) — Dan Carmack
1997 — Dick Giguere
1998 (1 month) — Pat Davis
1998 — Dana Hobbs
1999 — Steve Strickell
2000 & 2001 — Dwight Crumpacker
2002 — Randy Stevenson
2003 — Thomas Alpert
2004 — Bill Pavone
2005 & 2006 — Dan Alpert
2007 & 2008 — Jerry Murphy
2009 & 2010 — Rachel Lanigan
2011 — Paul Nee
2012, 2013, & 2014 — Missy Willert
2015, 2016, & 2017 — Greg Robbins
2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 – Heidi Geise
2022 – Sandy Fleischbein
2022, 2023 – Missy Willert


Constitution By-Laws


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